Martha Tilaar

About Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa


artha Tilaar Spa is managed by PT . Cantika Puspapesona . One of Martha Tilaar Group company that handles body treatments beauty services. Managed by a professional staff who are experienced in the field of beauty and spa , Pt . Cantika Puspapesona can be your best choice to do business while preserving the beauty traditions of Indonesia.

The Uniqueness of Martha Tilaar Spa :

  • Martha Tilaar as the guarantee of quality and trust
  • Tested and researched beauty products based on natural ingredients and using the most modern technology and incorporating the uniqueness of the Indonesia culture.
  • Supported by a wide range of quality products
  • Trained quality therapist
  • Qualified staff well versed in the excellent hospitality that Indonesia is world famous for.
  • A conducive ambiance that enhances well being and the spa feeling to customer.
  • Supported by a professional and dedicated team
  • Exclusive and quality products.


nspired by ancient wisdom and the tradition of bathing and beauty care throughout the lifecycle, combined with the new age trend of back to nature, Beauty and Harmony Lifestyle Spa has been created. Beauty is a reflection of both inner and outer beauty. Through this total beauty philosophy called Rupasampat Wahyabiantara, we can explore the ancient wisdom of beauty care throughout the lifecycle of a woman.

With the desire to offer "The Authentic Indonesia Spa Experiences" only the best experience for her customers, Martha Tilaar found a unique concept for her spa, a holistic approach using centuries-old eastern traditions of health and beauty throughout the human lifecycle. All in one Concept The "Power Five" :

  • Indonesian Concept
  • Empowering Women
  • Innovation and Creative
  • Tradition toModern  Lifestyle
  • Local Wisdom Go Global